Pete Wilson (KivaDesign)

Welcome to Kiva Design at

The pictures you see here were made with a variety of cameras and lenses, over many years, including a Halina 35X, a variety of Prakticas and more recently Minolta Maxxums and Sony Alphas.

Some of the 35mm pictures were scanned with a Minolta slide/negative scanner, but more recent ones and the B&W ones use our Nikon 4000 slide/neg scanner. Things change; we used a Konica Minolta A2 8Mpixel integrated digital camera, a Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D digital SLR - then a Sony Alpha 700 body and a nice Sony/Zeiss 16/80; next came a full frame Sony Alpha 850 and Sony 24-105mm, along with a nice Tamron 75-300...

But all things must pass, and now pictures are made with either a Sony RX100 or a Sony A7Riii (with the 24-105 f4).

We've chosen smugmug as the best way to get our photographs printable by family, friends and customers. Our portfolio will grow and change over time.

You can email us at pete { at }

-- Pete

PS:: The bio picture up and to the left is a ...little... out of date...